Sitting on the silted bank

Cattails sway in the breeze

Nostrils filled with earthy stank

Mud between toes squeezed


Low hum drum past me

Rainbow wings on a stick

Rapt in your iridescent sheen

I watch with eyeful bliss




Carpet body with velvet wings

Fern like feelers and stems dripping fringe

You don’t hold a candle to the butterfly

But you’re worth a chase, by the by




Tough, rugged, beetle bug

Crawling, determined, beetle bug

Nothing stands in your way


Shell hard as rock, beetle bug

Six powerful legs, beetle bug

Nothing to make you stay




Near my ear you buzz

I freeze


Flying past my eyes

I trace


Orbiting ‘round my head

I wait


Beautiful insect you unnerve me

Please leave me bee





Wading through a field of grain

Hundreds pop from underfoot

Grit and dust and bugs galore

The air thick with summer bore


My Mason jar in hand

Lid pierced with holes

A twig or two to house

If caught before you bounce


Do you contemplate your fate

Futured in a home of glass

I spring with both hands closing in

But empty is my jar again





Bella Ladybug

Such a lovely sight

Land on my shoulder

And grant me lucky




Legs of eight

A bulbous back

Eyes too many to want to count


Poisoned fangs

Hungry for blood

Just the sight of you freaks me out


Web of bones

Tangled remains

I shudder in revolting bouts


Legs of eight

Should not be so

That you’re more loathed than most I know



      Praying mantis

Camouflaged in the branch

Visual trickery none to match

A stick figure of the truest kind

A gallant game at seek-and-hide




Marching ants one by one

An arduous hike just begun


Marching ants two by two

Pass the time with the familiar tune


Marching ants three by three

Reverberates beneath the trees


Marching ants four by four

The verses go forever more


Marching ants repetitive song

As the little stops to sing along